post-media age, ritornello

This term was forged during the years of struggle for free radio and the counter-information movements that developed, particularly at the time of the first Gulf War and especially in view of the disastrous role of the mass media. (Video extract “About the Gulf War” visible on the site.)

It was during an interview organized by “Canal Déchaîné” that Félix Guattari defined this term, and thus the work we were doing. To begin the entry in the Postmedia era, he starts from this same observation described in the presentation of Chaosmose:

“… all the disciplines will have to join their creativity to conjure the tests of the barbarism, of mental implosion, of chaosmic spasm, which are profiled in the horizon . ”

“… One of the primordial conditions, it is to consider that the struggles will not be situated only at the economic level, at the political level, but also at the level of the subjectivity and in particular at the mass media level. Hence this perspective that seems interesting to me in your project, it is the idea of initiating the entry into the Post-Media Era. That is to say, a reappropriation, not only of the manufacture of mass media, not only of the production of information, of the recomposition of information, but also of the recomposition of systems of dialogue, of highlighting of the sensitivities, of aesthetic reseizure of the production of images, of the audiovisual production. It is only through this type of redefinition of struggles, of social practices, of mass media practices and others, that will be able to start, to crystallize other types of alternative polarities… “.
Within this framework thus defined, other modes of production and creation have their place
– sound production, interviews, music. The creation of a multilingual radio is possible…
– graphic and photographic production
– video production, filmed interviews, documentary films, fiction, video-art…