Felix Guattari in Chile in 1991

Revista Disenso is an editorial project whose purpose is to contribute to a new understanding of politics. It was born in the midst of the revolts of the “Chilean October”(2019) and after verifying the inadequacy of the categories with which the political is thought and practised: exhaustion of a lexicon, but also of a grammar, which has prevented thinking outside a tradition (Western and modern). On the other hand, the impotence of a regime of truth, which has set priorities, fields of objects, analytical strategies and hermeneutic keys on society, the common and its subjective closures. Disenso tries to be a response to this liberal and anthropocentric episteme, disposing thought and sensibility outside the academic habits that domesticate and commercialise the word, giving the political as a problem.

Iván Torres Apablaza

Director Revista Disenso


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