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Guattari Week at the 9th of July Occupation

(06, 07, 08 October) São Paulo, May 2022 PDF Yes, I believe that there is a multiple people, a people of mutants, a people of potentialities that appear and disappear, that are embodied in social facts, in literary facts, in musical facts. I am often accused of being exaggerated, bestial, stupidly optimistic, of not seeing Guattari Week at the 9th of July Occupation

GUATTARI+30 – Call for papers

Felix Guattari died in August 1992, before he could see the publication of his last book Chaosmosis whose last chapter appeared in Le Monde in September 1992 under the title “Towards a refoundation of social praxis”. Guattari’s entire work builds up a radical critique of how the social sciences, including psychoanalysis, have proved helpless in GUATTARI+30 – Call for papers

Rhizomatic Friendship

Chaosmosemedia is a project of rhizomatic friendship around the thought of Félix Guattari, François Pain, Anne Querrien, Annick Kouba, Susana Caló, Claude Harmelle, Franco Berardi and François Marcelly-Fernandez, and all those who will join us. Are already members of the association: Jean-Claude Polack Peter Pál Pelbart (Loja | N-1 Edições : https://www.n-1edicoes.org/shop) Miguel Norambuena Gary Rhizomatic Friendship

Madness and Machines: Félix Guattari in Context

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