Offered by Ramuntcho Matta

The other day I got a call to say that they were going to celebrate thirty years since Felix died.

I don’t know precisely who “they” were, but I find it strange to celebrate a death…

But sorry sorry

You are entitled to wonder who Felix was

When I’m sixteen, I have a schizo brother who jumps out the window

I wasn’t there but I can imagine the sound

Some kind of splat

It’s important the sound

My parents not knowing what to do with me send me to a shrink and after half an hour of blah blah blah he asks me what I’m doing with this summer

I answer him…
“uh… sixteen… guitar? mob?”

“Well…do you want to come and do this in the clinic called the boarding.”

“why? am I crazy?”

“you know we’re all on the edge of crazy, it can be daily, monthly or yearly…
and then I think you’ll be able to do a lot of people good”

I have stayed close to this shrink who has been my shrink and my friend

Is his name Felix, Felix Guattari?

We all have damage, regrets, itchy wounds,

So on October 19 I invite you to 35/37 for a day that’s a little special.
It’s called “collateral tributes”.

I invite friends to pay tribute to those and what they feel is important.

This will take many forms, there will be images, text, dance, sound…

Sound is important.

Everyone will be able to sit at the table

You too of course….

There will be Hiroko Komiya, Atsushi Takenouchi, Judith Egger, Simon Spang-Hanssen, Pablo Cueco, Frederic Dutertre, ADC303, Louis Kotchine, Lucien Heritier… and others…

There will be talk of Felix Guattari, Chris Marker, Don Cherry, John Cage…and others…

From 11am to 10pm….

The doors will be open.

And it’s free.